Hello lovelies!
I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving! It's been one crazy Holiday and weekend for me, but I survived and am back! And I'm soo super excited that the Christmas season is here! I've been playing christmas music like crazy and loving every minute of it! I pulled out my favorite boxes of christmas decorations today -
Most of these ornaments are from my grandmother and some are the ones my Dad used growing up. They are so special to me..I'm excited to come up with some new ideas for them this year.

Be back soon with some lovely christmas finds! ♥


  1. I'm hoping to get the upstairs at least most of the way decorated this morning. Yesterday we finished the downstairs. Thanks for coming to help.:) We couldn't have done it without you all!

  2. i should go thrift shopping for some vintage ornaments!! those are so cute! ♥ can't wait to see your post on christmas finds!


  3. aw Rebekah, I'm glad we could come too! I wish you could come help us do ours - we're rather lost without our Rebekah this year!


thanks for your lovely note!♥