link love

(i love eating fruit. i love it topped with whipping cream.)

finding ever so many lovely things lately....

this family photo shoot by Wildflower photography. Just dyyyyying over it's cuteness! I love how they used maps and an airplane.

Quilt by Elise Blaha...love the colors she put together and the simple design of it.

This outfit combo by kristine. or polly. love what she put together...love the layers. so pretty!

This song by Francoise Hardy. This style of music is so soft and pretty, although I have no clue what she's saying!

These colorful images on Just when you thought....they are making me want spring to come soooo badly!

And yesterday I spotted my yellow tulips peeking up out of the ground!! I'm sooo excited...I can't wait to have some fresh flowers in the house. especially yellow tulips.

today it's raining. I just love rainy days!


  1. oh my, you have come across such cute finds! these were so fun to look through!! -lyd

  2. Raining here too. Spring is just around the corner. Which corner? I'm still trying to find out.:) Our flowers are poking up too.

  3. hi, your blog is so cute!
    im following :)

  4. I love the look and feel of your blog! so dreamy!
    I too, love fruit with whipped cream. I also just loved vanilla whipped cream...sigh.. ;)
    xx tash

  5. I love fruit and whipped cream too :D


thanks for your lovely note!♥