hello monday.

I stumbled across these photos this morning that I took last year. These are some of my favorite photos ever! That camera actually works - just needs some film - but it's SO expensive! And as many pictures as I would want to take with it, I'd probably go broke buying it!

I'm just dying for some fresh flowers to photograph. I'm tempted just to go buy a fresh bouquet of tulips or some other pretty flower to photograph till then. And they would brighten up the house too! Yesterday while at my sisters house I saw a cluster of daffodils blooming in her yard! oh it was a pretty sight. ( now, why aren't there any in my yard yet?!)

Can you believe March is almost here?!!


  1. These photos are beautiful. You are SO talented. I love the vintage, yet fresh look about them. You are amazing.

    and yes, I can believe it's almost March! I work at a TV station and the sports section is right down the hall from me and they've been going crazy about March Madness for a couple weeks now!

    Happy Spring!

  2. all those photos are so sweet! I like that first one the best! -ly

  3. Such fun pictures. You should come see our few flowers. The miniture iris are blooming! Dark purple and so pretty. A few daffodils are in bloom and the rest won't be far behind. It certainly is spring!:)

  4. The photos are lovely. You're so beautiful!

  5. oh, I love those photos!!
    our flowers won't even be visible for weeks yet-that's not fair! :)


thanks for your lovely note!♥