quote of the day

This quote is so fitting for right now...two different ways to look at a situation! Photos taken by my niece.
Post coming soon: Valentine Inspiration!
Make time for something special today..okay?! ♥


  1. I would make a snow angel over shoveling any-day! (i think you would too... ;-)

  2. I would definitely go with the snow angel!!!
    Great quote-

  3. here i am complaining about the cold & snow and here you are helping me snap out of it and realize it's better to just accept it and love it. thank youuu!

  4. I did both!:) Shoveling was fun since there was so much snow and it was still coming down, but snow angels is great fun, too. Try making different snow prints by falling in the snow with arms and legs in strange postions.:)
    Love the quote.


thanks for your lovely note!♥