these cookies would look soo pretty packaged up really pretty to give to a neighbour or friend. And that pillow - *perfect* for my bed! ooh la la! Love that shade of red.

dreamy paper garlandi love you bowls

This garland looks like it would be pretty easy to make (or, of course buy!) It would look really nice above a bed or desk. I love that they combined a print with it instead of using just just pink and red. Okay, those bowls I think are my favorite find. I really really need those! Popcorn (or even ice cream) would taste soooo much better in a bowl like that! Don't you agree? Make a really nice gift for someone as well. ( hint hint!)

I think these things could and should be used all year round too...not just for this special occasion! what do you think?

More to come....


  1. I'm so glad you commented on my bike post! Your blog is Oh! So Lovely! I really love it. You have grrrrrreat style girl! I'm flattered you were reading my blog. You have a new reader baby!

  2. Looks like fun for a valentines's party.:) Those bowls are cute.

  3. I want to make that garland!! so adorable! -lyd

  4. i'm a new follower ! i love your blog


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