inspiration right now....

photo taken spring 2010

Power of Less by Leo Babauta (this book has been life changing for me! )
Who I am in Christ by Neil T. Anderson
Your Skin and You by Bea Kinnear -Everything you ever needed to know about proper care of your skin.

listening: Praan by Gary Schuman

loving: sleeping in. very abnormal for me...I'm normally a early riser... I'm not planning on enjoying this pleasure for very long.

food: fresh ginger. loving anything ginger...it's so delightful! This recipe for Sweet & Sour chicken by Martha Stewart is my recent favorite. loving it in smoothies too.

excited about: Celtic Thunder's new album release tomorrow!

inspiration: the coming of spring. that's enough inspiration for me. getting pretty excited!

color: gray. I love paring it with a soft red and cream. so pretty!

What's inspiring you right now?! leave me a link - I would love to read yours!


  1. ♥ this is a really fun post!! I loved reading it!


  2. I love learning about people!
    I'm with you on the Gray- it's so perfect for spring, (instead of black), I love wearing it with white, or a creamy yellow!


thanks for your lovely note!♥