that beautiful thing called snow

Yesterday we had 4 inches of snow!! oh you can imagine how excited I am!!! I've wanted snow for so long, and we rarely get any - if at all. It came down in huge snowflakes....falling so silently. eek! I just get soooo excited when I see snow! People always look at me crazy when they find out how much a love snow...( is there something odd about liking snow?!) I just love the cozy feeling snow brings...I love that God gave us four different seasons, I love that we don't live in a place where that weather stays the same all year round...I love that God gave us variety, and I love that snow is part of that variety. Yesterday evening as the snowflakes became smaller, it looked like glitter was coming down! It was enough to take your breath away! So magical! so in case you can't tell, I really really do love snow!♥

may your day be simply lovely and cozy!


  1. I love snow, too! We only got about 1 1/2 inches, but it sure was delightful watching it come down and seeing it sparkling in the sun today.

  2. yep, what Bekah said. -ly


thanks for your lovely note!♥