These are my two favorite from the photoshoot we did today...something came up and we ended up only having time to shoot a few, but the few we did get were so fun! My sister and I have loved taking pictures together for as long as I can remember... (well, really we love to do anything together!) and it's one of our favorite ways to spend time together, and believe me, we try to do it quite often. I take her photo and she takes mine. I love her to pieces..she's such a dear!

Taking these pictures makes me excited for Valentines day ( or "Loves Day," as I love to call it!) I've already found so many lovely ideas online for little projects gifts and decor! Makes me so excited!

I love this post by Becky Higgins on the different aspects of love...such a good reminder for me becuase I tend to forget.
Sending a hug to all my lovely readers! ♥ ♥


  1. love love love that first picture!

  2. I just love these photos; what an adorable idea!

  3. How fun! I think that first picture is just too cute.:) That's the kind of picture that looks like it should be on a card.:)

  4. awww they're soo adorable!

  5. you girls are awesome. hard to think of valentines day when it is summer:) - h


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