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I was browsing ModCloth today for the first time and came across sooo many cute dresses/outfits! Why havn't I ever been on there before?! How a place can have so many cute things is beyond me! The only problem is they don't come small enough for me. Total bummer. But a person can have fun dreaming and looking, right?! and that's just what I did...these are some of my favorite finds.

Love the color, love the classic style. Endless possibilities with this dress - and it comes in 3 other colors too! ( but I like this color best!)

I adore the floral print, and the vintage style of this dress! (Although I do like my dresses a bit longer!) I *love* how Elsie Flannigan wears this, especially the look of the cardigan with it. totally going to find a dress something similar to this so I can try this look.

this combo is ever so cute..perfect for spring. Day at the Docks dress, I love the round halter neck and the floral print..so pretty and feminine!! Button-up Basic Cardigan, Getaway sandals, oh I just love these sandals! Retro Revival Scarf and Proud as a Necklace.

I love the idea they gave on the website for this dress - peep-toe wedges, some gold bangles, an ivory cardigan (cardigans just go with everything, don't they! ) and some red lipstick...oh so cute!! You could change out accessories for all sorts of different looks/seasons.

Love the bow at the collar and those pleats in the front. Simply adorable! who needs accessories with this dress?! it's perfect all by itself!

okay. now I want to go shopping....anyone want to go with me?!


  1. The scary part is that they update new items all day everyday. I'm addicted to clicking the "new arrivals" button every morning! xo

  2. Modcloth is my very favorite online boutique. I just love all the dresses... I have had my eye on the soda fountain dress and this (http://www.modcloth.com/store/ModCloth/Womens/About+the+Artist+Dress) dress for a while. Trying to decide whether to spend the money
    And I love all your picks! Especially that last dress. And the colors of the second combo, mmm....

  3. @monster cakes..I had no idea they have new items everyday..wow!! I just can't believe I'd never been on their website before...everyone always talks about. But then maybe it's a good thing I hadn't..I'd have spent way too much money :D

    @lydiah oh I loooove that dress! didn't see that one when I was browsing....(I prob didn't see a lot of them, there were so many!)

  4. I like the last dress.:) And I love the color of the first one. Can't find many things in that rich gold.

  5. the third one when paired with the sandals alone is totally part of the norm here in AU - super cute starting to like these dresses:) - h


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