a lovely winters day

Remember this post here? I was wishing I could go ice skating? well yesterday I had to opportunity to go for the first time ( yes, you read that right..for the first time!) and oh was it ever so lovely! It was simply magical! It was out in the woods on an old strip pit...surrounded by woods and snow. It was picture perfect!!

yes, I know I look very wobbly on skates...by the time we finished I was finally getting the hang of it, but it took quite a few un-graceful falls at first!

this is one of my favorite photos from the afternoon!

There's just something so beautiful about ice skating...gliding along, feeling the cold breeze on your face, hearing the laughter from all the others....oh it was such a happy time!

Isn't this photo simply beautiful? I wish everyone of you could have been there to see it..pictures just don't quite do it justice. I can't wait to go again sometime!


  1. oh that looks like such a heavenly time!! what a fun winter activity! -lydiah

  2. Oh! You acctually got to go! How delightful it all looks! Someday I want to skate on a real pond like that and not on a rink indoors. I love the pictures.:)

  3. oh myyyy. gorgeous pictures. gorgeous place. wish i could be there right this second.

  4. looks like you all had fun!


thanks for your lovely note!♥