it's the little things.

Loving the coziness and warmth of sweaters

Looking out the window and seeing the leaves blowing around.

Savoring the yumminess of a cup of tea every morning.

Excited for the month of November.

Listening - to this song. Oh so pretty!

Grateful for friends.

Liking this post "The Silliness of Busyness" by Courtney Carver. It was meant for me.

Eating dried apples. Mmmm so good.

Loving leaving for work early enough to catch the end of the sun rise.

Enjoying the sound of quietness.

Grateful for sister to sister talks. Every girl needs this often.

Reading ‘See You at The Top’ over and over again.

Wishing everyday could be as lovely as yesterday.


  1. Yes, it is the little things in life that either drive you crazy, are the last straw or the perfect touch and just right. We should take the time to stop and enjoy those little things that delight us.
    Like you. :) <3 U!!

  2. can you share some? because I need some of these things in my life... ;)
    sweet post!


thanks for your lovely note!♥