tomorrow is thanksgiving!

Okay, so I have to admit I wasn't excited for thanksgiving until I woke up this morning. It really hit me laying in bed this morning that I didn't have to go to work today! No more work till next week! yay! That means I could have slept in, but by then I was to excited to sleep. Who wants to sleep when there baking to do and a house to clean! I already have half of my to-do list completed...I'm cruisin'! I made pecan pie for the first time today - easy peasy! why haven't I ever made it before today?

Anyway, I'm so excited for tomorrow....I get to see some of my very favorite people, eat some yummy food and it's just going to be a all around lovely day- I just know it!

So grateful for life, for friendships/relationships, for those little every day things I tend to take for granted. I've been soooo blessed! Grateful for all you who take time to read this little blog! love you guys.

Off to finish my pumpkin pie! Happy Thanksgiving, lovelies!


  1. pecan pie sounds yummmy!!!
    happy Thanksgiving!!! <3

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!! We had our Thanksgiving yesterday so you can enjoy the kids today. :) Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

  3. i adore these pictures! they're all so soft and creamy looking. so pretty! and your pie looks delicious!


thanks for your lovely note!♥