the leaves are almost gone...

It's hard to believe that in just about one more week the Christmas season will be upon us. I've been sooo careful this month to avoid thinking about Christmas, listening to that music, and even looking at ideas. ( you should be so proud of me!) Trying to savor every last moment of fall. I didn't get very many things done off my fall want-to-do list, but oh well! Got a few more pictures taken the other day before the rest of the leaves all fell off the trees. Now they look so bare and cold! ( time for them to be covered in some pretty snow now!)

Here's a pretty little tune I've enjoyed listening to this week.

If I Was by Young Rebel Set on Grooveshark

I just realized today that I have just two things left on my 2011 goal list to finish. Just TWO! I totally can't believe it...and those last two things I am hurriedly working on - they are so going to get done. This is like the first time ever that I will have completed my entire year goal list! I'm am soooo over the top excited. Am so going to celebrate when I mark that last one off! Yes, that was random.

Happy Tuesday, Lovelies!


  1. Good for you! I never made I list. Maybe I should next year. How many things did you start with?

    It is so hard to believe it is almost Thanksgiving! Where did fall go? Maybe it blew away.:)

  2. this post makes me super excited for Christmas and making new goals! i love your blog!

  3. yay for Thanksgiving being almost here!! ..though I wish fall would stick around a little longer! <3

  4. Bekah, I had a list of 15 things...I used to make resolutions, but they never worked, then I read somewhere that suggested goals instead - as you can work toward those in small steps. Worked much better :) btw, can't wait to see you soon :)


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