spring sunset

oh oh oh! I spy budding trees and pretty flowers blossoming everywhere, and they make me so very happy...spring is almost here!  I love that since this time change, the sun sets later in the day, thus making it possible for me to take photos outside once I'm home from work. I really like that.

Loving feeling the warm breeze almost every day.
Loving being outside.
Loving evening runs.
Loving the fact that I could go barefoot this week...(my toes are so happy)
Loving the fact that there is a boquet of yellow daffodills in my room
Loving that it's only 5 more days until it's officially spring.

Happy Thursday! ♥


  1. Love listening to the Robins singing early in the morning.
    Love sleeping with the windows open.
    Love the fresh green on the bushes.
    Love the many colors of flowers, buds and blossoms.
    Love your post. :)

  2. I am in seventh heaven with the awesome weather we've been having here!!!!!!!!!! :)


thanks for your lovely note!♥