So I didn't get a chance to blog today like I thought....should have know things would come up! It always happens that way. Aren't these tulips simply gorgeous?! I just can't take the beauty of these in whenever I look at them...they make me sooo happy! They were bought for a birthday luncheon I'm putting together for my mom's friend tomorrow. Doing it a vintage/springish theme...it's going to be so cute ( well that's' the plan anyway -if it all turns out that way!) I'm so excited about it!

It snowed allll day today! can you believe that? I want spring, not snow! but I guess it IS still winter.

Some birthday decorations are waiting to be finished up....be back soon lovlies!♥


  1. oh how i love tulips!! :) & the party sounds lovely, hope it goes well!

  2. That party sounds right down your line.:) Have fun with it. And, spring is coming! Even if you get snow now.:)

  3. love the tulips!! have fun with the party :)
    ps. our snow is all melting-isn't that a switch?! :)


thanks for your lovely note!♥