such a lovely day

These past few days haven't lent myself much time on the computer...thus haven't found much to share on here! But I did check into one of my favorite blogs this morning angela hardison and these two images totally made my morning! They are so bright and cheerful and so springish! I love reading Angela's blog...I love her photography...it's so real life, but yet so clean and refreshing.

Have any special plans for the weekend? I don't have any yet, but with the lovely weather we're supposed to have, I'm sure something will come up - it always does!
Be back next week with some lovely inspiration!! May your weekend be filled with happy moments


  1. i have been enjoying my holidays this week so i will be probably trying to do some school stuff, ugh :(

  2. I love those pictures, so cheerful!

    hope your weekend has been brilliant so far. -lyd

  3. Absolutely beautiful photos! What a way to brighten a weekend. Love the colors -- it's snowy, cold, and gray where I live, so any splashes of colors are much appreciated.

    Have a lovely day!


thanks for your lovely note!♥