postage loveliness

One thing I love about our American way of life is the way pretty things get incorporated into our everyday lives. One being through the use of postage stamps. I've been a casual stamp collector as long as I can remember, (thanks to my Dad and late grandpa) and have always loved picking out a stamp to match my letter. If you've ever wanted to add a pretty little something to a post card or letter, you would have quite a variety of stamps to choose from ( yes, there are other stamps beside that brown Liberty Bell! )
anyway. Back in 2008 The Postal Service issued this pane of stamps featuring Charles and Ray Eames and some of their design work. They were a husband and wife team who were designers in modern architecture and furniture after WW II. I LOVED these stamps sooo much and was soo excited when they came out. They looked sooo pretty on an envelope! I'm so sad you can't buy them at the post office any more

At the end of June of this year they issued another pane of stamps celebrating American Industrial Design. I just saw them a few days ago and it was instant love! I'm going to have to go think of someone to mail a card to just so I can use these stamps. Of course, if you were to mail me something I wouldn't mind either *wink*
The typewriter and yellow and orange dinnerware are my very very favorite. Which is yours?

I need one of those pencil sharpeners too.


  1. Oh fun! You know, if you were to send me something you'd be sure to get the stamp back. I'd even save the envelope if you wished.:)

  2. I like the phone and silverware ones the best...


thanks for your lovely note!♥