baby bump

This blog has been neglected the past few months because our lives have completely changed due to this little one growing inside me. ♥ My husband and I couldn't be more happy.  I'm so excited about this next phase in life. I've always dreamed of being a mother and it still seems so unreal that it's happening...such a different feeling having a little one inside of me..being able to feel it move and seeing my body change because of it.  I so can't wait to meet this little one and hold it in my arms. ♥  

Photo credit goes to my super talented friend, Lydiah!  Thank you Lydiah, I will treasure these photos forever! 


  1. These are wonderful pictures! You look so sweet! I really hope I get to see you in person before baby comes. :)

  2. These are such lovely maternity photos... so classy. Congratulations

  3. awwww! congratulations! so happy for you. you look oh so beautiful as you always do! :)

  4. You are so precious my love! <3


thanks for your lovely note!♥