hello december

Loving that December is here. Loving all the sights and sounds that come with this month and season.  
Last year I did a photo a day and posted here, and want to do the same this year.  I love being able to document this month this way. Makes me appreciate it all the more.  

For me though the Christmas season sorta started the end of November.  

A walk around the park to look at all the pretty lights.  Although the lights were pretty nice to look at, the company I was with was so much better.

A day of shopping then a Christmas concert.  I love anything with music!

Wedding with a friend at a beautiful venue - loved these doors going into the chapel.

Spent the evening putting up the Christmas tree and decorations.  Loved that I got to do it with my guy.  Being able to enjoy Christmas traditions like this with him has been so incredibly special.

Coffee brought to me at work today by Jacob...I love him so much!!  I think it's neat how most coffee places change up the appearance of cups for the season...so festive, and red! Makes drinking coffee so much more fun

One of my favorite songs so far this season is Home for the Holiday by Sugar and The Hi Lows. Love listening to it over and over.  I've been loving finding lots of new tunes to listen to.  Music is one thing I have going pretty much non stop the month of December.  Would not be Christmas without music.

So loving this month so far, and looking forward to the rest of it so very much!


  1. I always enjoy reading and seeing pictures of what you do each day and am glad you're doing it again. :)

  2. I love the pictures for Dec. 2! You both look so happy!:) <3


thanks for your lovely note!♥