loving fall so much

Loving fall so much. Loving this beauuutiful weather. Loving the changing trees. Can it stay this way forever please?

Arrived back home from my lovely 2-week vacation yesterday. Oh it was so nice to not have any pressing work for two whole weeks, and to sleep in every day! Not to excited about the part of getting back into the groove of things though...I'd rather go lay outside under a tree and read a good book. One not so fun thing about vacations is that they must come to an end. oh well.

Some of the things on my fall want-to-do- list already-
-Make Caramel Apple Sundaes ( found in the October issue of Martha Stewart)
-Have a fall picnic ( anyone want to join?)
-Make something along the lines of this fall garland
-Do a photo shoot with sis in a apple orchard
( and maybe pick some apples too?)
-Try some of these pumpkin recipes - especially the pumpkin butter. mmmm.

What are some things you have planned for fall?

Here's to a lovely weekend!


  1. I'll join in on the fall picnic! And can I come to the photo shoot too?;) Cute pictures.
    This weekend? Well today S & I babysit 9 kiddos 6 and under for about 4 hours.:) Should be exciting. Hoping to order the proof copy of my book!!!!! How is that for a full, fun weekend.

  2. oh wow this makes me so excited becuase fall is here and I loved the links and you are totally cute!


thanks for your lovely note!♥