inspiration right now

reading: Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild by Mary Kassian. Have wanted to read this book for so long, and am so excited to finally dive into it. Half way through it and so far soooo good and very challenging. A book I know I will be re-reading very often.

listening: When We're Together by Mark Harris.

loving: The sound of rain outside my open window...that's a sound I will never tire of hearing!

food: Raw zucchini. Believe me, it's super good.

excited about: The fact that I now have 2 extra days to spend at home. Looking forward to filling those days and finding a new rythm in my week.

inspiration: Little people..little kiddos. Watching them interact, be so happy and love life so much really challenges me in the fact that sometimes I just made too big of a deal out of things. Inspires me to just let go and smile more...life is so short!

color: Pink. It's bright and fresh and such a happy color. Oh so perfect for spring.


  1. I love those red flowers. :) Thanks for brightening my day. <3

  2. Anyone ever told you that you are amazing? well you are!!!!!! - h


thanks for your lovely note!♥