ohh vacation....i miss you

I miss vacation.
Getting to spend time on the beach during our little trip in June was pretty much my favorite part of the trip...getting to wiggle my toes in the warm sand, walking along the beach...getting sunkissed...feeling the breeze blow...ahhh I loved that sooo much! To cold for swimming, (so disappointing! ) but still warm enough to enjoy the beach and sunshine, and stare at the pretty water! 

I want to go back and forget all about the huge to-do list in front of me waiting to be done..the cleaning that I didn't get accomplished today... forget about the fact that I'm slacking big time in exercising...forget about the cares of worries of life...the loneliness...my chaotic life....pleease can I go back for a day?!

Oh right.  Back to real life. 


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  1. The beach sounds wonderful!!! Just be glad you got to go! Now, take a deep breath and get to work. ;) <3 U!


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