fall moments

Some favorites from my life the past few weeks.
So many every day moments, extraordinary moments. So many memories made that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

1. Wild flowers - one of my favorite things about fall. So many growing along the roadside, and I love their rustic colors.

2. A long fall walk with an incredible guy.

3. Coffee date

4. Airplane ride with the best pilot (and my favorite!) in the whole wide world.

5. Photoshoot with my niece...she's amazing with the camera!

6. The sunrise from the sky. 

7.  Bowling! Gotta love the cute shoes you get to wear! ( oh and for the record I beat him at one game!)

8. Fall leaves are the prettiest ever!

Loving this month. Loving fall.So so much. 


thanks for your lovely note!♥