freelensing love

A few weeks ago I stumbled across an article on freelensing. Tried it once and  loved the results soooo so much! I'm so hooked on it. I love the effect...how it softens the photo so much and leaves just a little bit in focus. So fun to play around with....I'm still working on perfecting it a bit and playing around with it but having so so much fun. I love this effect so much. There's some serious freelensing inspiration here on flickr. Some people are just too good at it!

Leaving for vacation tomorrow..so so excited! Been looking forward to this for so long and now it's finally here. Hope you lovelies have an incredible week..and I'll be back in a week or so!


  1. Your shots are so pretty! I have tried this once before, but I need to do it again! Really fun!

  2. Have a wonderful time! :) And give A a hug for me. :)

  3. ohh this is super cool! love the look of these, great job <3


thanks for your lovely note!♥