baby shower love

The baby shower I planned and put on for my sister came and went last week, and oh it all came together so lovely! My inspiration for the whole party came from this lovely party. I only spent $5 on supplies for decorations...used what I had in my own stash and did some bargain/garage sale shopping. My sister doesn't know what she's having so I went with the white/cream color scheme. Since it was all white, everything had such a soft touch and to add to that, I had lullabies playing softly the whole time.

Now it's time to wait for that sweet baby to arrive, and I'm going to have a hard time waiting! I love being an auntie♥


  1. oh it turned out sooo adorable! You always do such a good job Lis!

    miss ya

  2. so pretty! I think white is a perfect color for a baby shower- and it gives it a vintage feel too:) i love the butterfly mobile!!

  3. Oh, it looks so pretty! And darling!

  4. Aww, everything turned out beautifully.
    I looove those little children’s books; such a sweet touch.


thanks for your lovely note!♥