my week in photos

for the past week I've been traveling with family, and oh has it been lovely! I love traveling! New places to go, new people to meet and new adventures.

lots of cold drinks, and my favorite for supper - fresh fruit. ( yes, sometimes I only eat fruit for supper)

I can't pass a mirror without taking a picture....

lots of opportunities to kiss this sweet little face, and oh the happiness when he says my name!

and what would life be without my favorite snack? yes, popcorn is the only thing in the world that I'm addicted to.

Now it's major laundry catch-up time, and back to the everyday of life that I love so much.


  1. I love the way you shoot and edit your pictures. They are the loveliest :) Keep em' coming and have a good wednesday! xx

  2. I can't wait to hear about your trip. Pictures did help.:) I know that little guy is super fun.:) Love the pictures.

  3. aw looks like such fun!
    You are adorable - like way. -ly

  4. love the pictures--looks like you had fun!! :)

  5. Love it. Love those kids. Love you. :)

  6. my beautiful sis!!!!!!! you are amazing and special! - h


thanks for your lovely note!♥