The roses are blooming...and I'm so happy! I wait all year for these to bloom. Nothing like a little bouquet of them in my bedroom. And oh they smell heavenly! Hope you all don't get tired of seeing flowers, because I assure you, I'll be posting a lot the next few weeks!

I'm back from a lovely weekend spent with some dear friends. Friends really are the best! ♥

Did you have a lovely weekend?


  1. I sure did! Thanks for coming over.:) And I like roses and flowers.:)

  2. pretty sure i could never get tired of your photography, such beautiful processing and captures :D

  3. That pink rose is soo pretty!!
    And I agree with the above comment. your photos are the best! ♥

  4. soo sweet.

    i adore your photography and those roses are absolutely darling.


thanks for your lovely note!♥